Bobby I have a similar history with the band on my end. Got into them as a kid collecting cassette tapes. I watched the new video last night and I dozed off thinking about it. I'd like to offer a different take: It's creepy but creepy in the same way a lot of original Beatles stuff made me feel. At 10 years old, drawing in my room alone hearing later songs like "I Am The Walrus" or "Strawberry Fields" were like natural psychedelic experiences that ran a shiver down my spine. Hee hee hee, ha ha ha. And then hearing all the 'Paul is Dead' lore and looking for clues in the album art. Just seeing Paul with his back turned on the back of Sgt. Pepper were chilling. Who the fuck was Billy Shears? So as lovely as they are, to me the Beatles are kind of scary and always have been. The new video weirds me out in the same way. John is Dead. Yet his ghost prances around Abbey Road in modern times. Shivers.

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