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Well, Finaly you get to see the stuff that I work so hard at! No! I didn't work on Vision Pro! My toy is currently the Quest 3 and that is a meta thing! Apple has made a great product, but to get into that club, I have to be totally devoted. and develop using Apples hardware. I don't have any of that. I'm also unwilling to pay the Apple Tax (to post things in the Apple Store).

Still, I think that Vision Pro is a wonderful device. Thow I'm not sure how constable I will feal seeing people walking in the streets with these units on their heads and looking at their false eyes peeking at me. It may be enough to give me my first Anxiety Atack. Not being plugged into my technology and me being a Software Engineer! Oh My!

Well, Zuck will fix that soon, I'm sure as I will get my First Quest X where I can walk around and look at my Instagram and Facebook all day and maybe you will even see my false eyes peeking at everyone. Otherwise, it will be nothing but a blank screen - a picture of my Deep Dark Soil!

Enjoy Your Headset Bobby!

Mybe I will see you in the Virtual World sometime!

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Tim Apple must acknowledge his crime of reigniting 1950s (1980s?) high school bullying tactics.

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Bobby, let me just say THANK YOU for speaking out on this issue. As a long time Apple Vision Pro user (Since February 2nd of this year) I can safely say that I too have suffered the pain of ownership and laughter of others because I have chosen to live my life in the Apple branded metaverse. I was on a plane yesterday and the stewardess asked me to turn off my headset. When I refused, I was thrown off and detained by airport security for "being a dweeb". I was placed on the no fly list soon after. Dejected, I packed my bags into my car. On my drive home, as I was making an illegal left hand turn in my Cybertruck, I was pulled over by an off duty Texas Ranger. He performed a pit maneuver on my vehicle, which tore my Apple Vision Pro off of my head and caused me to crash into a local sex shop. My windshield broke and several adult toys landed on my device, causing several fractures in the front glass. I have contacted a lawyer over the matter, but everybody who I have called to explain my situation to have immediately hung up on me. I am frustrated beyond belief by the matter and tired of being treated as a second class citizen just because of how I have chosen to spend my PPP loans. It's time we get the representation that we all deserve which is why I'm supporting Elon Musk's presidential run. Of course, he has yet to make an announcement, but I am doing my part by spending $11 per month to make posts on Twitter. I know plenty of people agree with me. Despite the fact that I only have 20 followers on the platform, my last post supporting Elon Musk for president received over 100 billion likes. Any way you slice it, that's a lot of legitimate engagement.

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