My Films

Feature Films

THE CLEANSE is a creature feature that premiered at SXSW and was one of the best reviewed Horror films of 2018. It was nominated for 3 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (Best First Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Creature FX). Written/directed by Bobby.

“Johnny Galecki (TV's ‘Big Bang Theory’) plays Paul Berger, an unemployed, down and out, heartbroken man searching for happiness. When Paul sees an ad for a spiritual retreat promising to restart your life, he immediately signs up, hoping to cleanse himself and fix his broken life. But after only a few days, he discovers the cleanse is releasing more than just everyday toxins... a lot more. Also starring Anna Friel, plus Oliver Platt and Academy Award Winner Anjelica Huston as the leaders of the retreat, The Cleanse is a darkly humorous, weird, and soulful fantasy that examines the inner demons in all of us.”

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Available on Netflix around the world. Tubi in the USA (if you’re into ad breaks)

CRITTERS ATTACK! is a TV movie reboot of the cult b-movie horror franchise for Warner Brothers Home Video / Sy Fy Channel. Starring Tashiana Washington and the return of Dee Wallace (ET). Written by Scott Lobdell. Directed by Bobby.

Available on Blu/Ray DVD here. Own/Rent digitally everywhere.

Short Films

"Paul jerked off in the shower. Paul just impregnated his bath tub."

TUB is a short film that world premiered at Sundance and went on to play SXSW, Fantasia, and over 40 film festivals around the world. Written/directed by Bobby.

“A man finds a dying squirrel in a park and has an existential comedic crisis.”

END TIMES won ”Best Short Film” at Boston Underground film festival and was part of the Opening Night Gala at the Maryland Film Festival. It’s since played Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, and other film festivals around the world. Written/directed by Bobby.