My first feature film finally comes home.
When SAG announced they would strike back on July 14th, it took the town by surprise. Productions were shocked, caught flat-footed, with no contingency…
Mike Flanagan's key collaborator spills the beans ahead of their new show, The Fall of the House of Usher.
& the birth of a new comic auteur
Also: AI could never.
Without government regulations protecting artists, only one line of defense is left. Unions.
Their new deal sells out collaborators and, ultimately, itself.
"We’re not going to discuss a technology that we think we’re going to use.”
The WGA released a PDF last night detailing the status of their talks with the studios. It’s sobering to see how far apart the two sides are.
Explosive Diarrhea: The Making of Critters AttackA hungover Bobby talks to you about the cinematic masterpiece Critters Attack in this exclusive commentary track!
But I'm glad it didn't.
I tangled with a Critters fan and regretted it instantly.