Press for The Cleanse

“Although it may evoke such films as “Gremlins” and “The Lobster,” as well as David Cronenberg’s earlier work, writer-director Bobby Miller’s oozy, eerie, yet weirdly soulful yarn feels like an original.“ - LA Times

“A beguiling, semi-supernatural concoction…quietly moving” - Variety 

“The Master Cleanse announces Miller as a real talent to watch.” - Rue Morgue

“A hard-to-pigeonhole supernatural fable” - Hollywood Reporter

“A poignant and darkly funny look at personal demons and how they weigh us down” - BloodyDisgusting

“A pleasure from beginning to end” - Birth.Movies.Death.

“If Spielberg ever made a low-budget body horror it would probably be something like The Cleanse. Odd, cute, touching” - Total Film Magazine

Press for Critters Attack!

“Among the most fun franchise rejuvenations in years” - Screen Anarchy

“Miller serves up his cutesy, silly alien invasion flick with a side order of girl power.” - SciFi Now

“A cheery little romp with the right balance of cuteness, comedy and gore. Fans will snap it up.” - EyeForFilm

Critters Attack is probably better than most people — including fans — will expect from a Critters sequel with ties to SyFy.” - FilmSchoolRejects

Press for TUB

“I’m Bobby Miller - Writer/Director of TUB AMA” - Reddit

“Late Night Dining And Life Changes with ‘TUB’ Director Bobby Miller” - FilmSchoolRejects

“What Happens After You Get a Short Film Into Sundance?” - SlashFilm

Sundance Shorts: Thirteen Must-See Student Films” - IndieWire

“SXSW 2010 - TUB Audio Interview” - Director’s Notes 

Press for Digital Work

How Buzzfeed Makes a ‘Creepy’ Video Go Viral” - NightLine 

“Can’t Wait to Make a Feature? Go Crazy on Mobile App Vine like ‘TUB’ Director Bobby Miller” - IndieWire

“BuzzFeed Listicles Start to Pop in Video” (Creep video shout out!) - AdWeek

“Kid President Is Blowing Up Rainn Wilson’s YouTube Channel, SoulPancake” - AdAge

“Bobby Miller On MTV and Life After Next New Networks” - Gigaom